Test your memory in the Memory Madness Bubble Bingo scratch game

If you want to find a new method to play traditional scratch off cards in the online world as well as a method to scratch your memory too then you can now test out your memory in the Memory Madness Bubble Bingo scratch game e lucky 8. This mentally challenging game will allow you to have a lot of fun even as you revitalize your brain as well as your bank balance at the same time.

Traditional scratch n win cards are just not worth the effort during these modern and fast times. You will have to allocate specific time slots to visit scratch off ticket stores, stand in line to buy the tickets, and anxiously scratch each scratch out ticket to check if you have won even as non winning scratch tickets rain down at your feet and damage the environment. A much better option that allows you to conveniently scratch out tickets in the comfort of your own home on a 24/7 basis is to visit trustworthy and securely protected websites such as primescratchcards and scratch2cash. Spending a few momemts at such sites to sign up your name and receive luscious opening bonuses along with free scratch cards in return will reward you in the form of free initial games when you choose to try out the Memory Madness Bubble Bingo scratch card game.

Memory Madness, as the name suggests will test out your memory powers even as it rewards you with 1000s of prizes such as the unbelievable 100,000 Pound jackpot prize, should your memory benefit you. You’ll need additional dollops of luck along with betting with 20 Pounds if you wish to head straight for the jackpot prize even though you can continue to bet for as low as 5P to win lots of other prizes. You’ll be met with 8 reels of weird-looking monsters spread out in 3 rows when you start playing Memory Madness. You can choose either 6 or 9 or 12 pairs of monsters to begin playing the game and when your matched pairs reveal the same amount of prize money upon scratching them then you will win the displayed amount. This amount will be directly added to your account that is shown on your screen.

It is possible to truly have a fun time while trying to match your monsters even while winning pairs help with your kitty as they vainly attempt to frighten you using their repulsive looks. If you do not want to uncover your monsters one-by-one then you can simply choose the Reveal All feature to scratch all of your chosen pairs at one time. You can also opt for the Autoplay feature to let the computer select the pairs for you while you simply enjoy watching the game and your winnings unfold before your eyes. Actually, you can even receive multiple wins on one card in this enthralling game. You’ll certainly not have nightmares about these monsters when you manage to win huge amounts of money as prizes in this memory-testing game.

Your passion for Bingo, slots, and scratch n win cards can be enjoyed in a very fun way by simply hopping online with your mouse and heading towards safe betting websites like prime scratchcards and scratch 2 cash. You can quickly register at these websites and prepare to test your memory at the Memory Madness Bubble Bingo scratch game whilst you’re taking away plenty of prizes with this madly magnificent game.